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Shot List Survey

The following is a survey to help me understand what images you are hoping to create so I can make an educated recommendation of services.

Please fill out as much as you can and I look forward to continuing the discussion!

The beautiful creations and offerings that guests can enjoy: appetizers, mains, dessert, cocktails, beer, wine, coffee, tea, water, and everything else. What items are the most beautiful? Which have the highest margins? Which are seasonal? What do you want to be known for offering, and what do you hope to show online to current and prospective customers?
The devil is in the details, and I'm sure you're showcasing a lot in your business. Taking time to present how you have thought out details and what your guests can expect can also help with your brand and overall presence. What aspects of your space deserve to be captured?
There is a lot of art that goes into your creations, and guests want to see and understand the beauty of your crafts and the dedication of your team. Who on your team is working hard to make beautiful offerings? What unique process is involved to make what you offer?
Once the open sign goes on , what is the guest experience like? What images of your space with guests or what part of their experience do you want to show the world?
What members of the team need professional headshots?
The events you throw happen only once, and if you don't capture them, they will become only memories. What is the date of the event you are needing documentation?
Have an idea for services that fall outside the realm of the above? Please, go on