A la carte, and at your service

The Culinary Portfolio is open to providing photography services to a range of business types. Suppliers, mobile food services (trucks, caters), counter service, events, and fine dining all fall into the scope of this project. All finalized images will be licensed to you after the shoot in social ready and high resolution formats with no additional charge for how you use them.


In House Sessions

These shoots are a great way to capture new content for your business. If you’re looking to freshen up your marketing, profile new items, or run a special and need images, this will work for you! 

Culinary Event Photography

These shoots are meant to capture the entirety of your event. The plated dishes, cooking process, space, and guest experience. Perfect for restaurants who are looking to host more events, projects specializing in dinner pop ups, and caters who want to showcase what their guests can expect!