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The Culinary Portfolio Offers Both Photography and Content Consulting Services

Photography Services

Photography services offered a la carte based on the scope of work

  • High Resolution Images for Every Online Platform: Capturing Your Brand and Story

  • Events

  • Seasonal Offerings

Content Workshops

When I began this project, I met with industry professionals to understand the challenges faced in having a digital presence. I kept hearing similar stories:

  • Most small businesses want a beautiful web presence

  • They are faced with the challenge of trying to keep up their online aesthetic on multiple channels/networks

  • Content is a never ending cycle! Some days you barely have enough time to sneak a work e-mail during your time at the business, let alone create an impactful piece of content

Outsourcing your social media strategy to a social media consultant or PR firm can be incredibly expensive ($18,000-$50,000 annually). This also gives control to someone who tries to tell your story for you, and who will demand that your business generates the majority of content anyway. In the end, neither expensive monthly payments nor a do nothing strategy are sustainable (let’s think about your margins and online presence).

I created a consulting program where I can teach you as little or as much as you want or need to have confidence with your online presence. We will work together to ensure you have a sustainable content process that will give you the tools to be successful indefinitely!

At the end of the day, I believe the best person to tell the story of your business, is you and your team!

Ideas of what we can work on:

  • Understanding the Visual Importance of your Business Today

  • Digital Presence on Multiple Platforms

  • Visual Brand Understanding

  • Constant Access to Sustainable, Authentic Content

  • Time Saving Processes for Social Media Execution

  • How to Tell Your Story with the Tools you Already Have!

The first step, is to inquire: