Monthly Sessions

Since I began The Culinary Portfolio, I wanted to create the most valuable time to content ratio possible for restaurants. What I discovered was a 1.5 hour session monthly session that will give your business the content needed to stay fresh while taking it off your to do list. No contractual commitment is necessary, but advanced bookings are recommended to guarantee my time each month!

1.5 Hour Monthly Session

  • A 1.5 hour photo session on site at your business equates to 30-40+ high resolution images

  • 30-40 images is the amount of content needed for social media, listings, and website use per month (ongoing recommended)

  • $300 per session upfront (relative increased price for travel beyond 15 miles of the Twin Cities)

  • No longterm contract or commitment

  • All licensing and finalized edited image rights are given for your use in any capacity


Custom Session Requests

Should you be looking to photograph an entire menu, event, or project in house, please feel free to reach out with what you would like in terms of a final product and I will be happy to quote the work you desire. I also love to travel, and will happily quote jobs outside of the Twin Cities.

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Need Ideas?

Not sure where to start? No problem! I created a specific Shot List Checklist to be a guide through what you hope to have created for your business moving forward. Fill it out and I will discuss how I think we can work best together


Q: How does pricing and payment work?

A: My Monthly Sessions are only $300 for 1.5 hours of photographing*. Custom Sessions are priced depending on the scope of the project.I work off of a digital invoicing system, but can accept check payments as well if that is better for your business. For my Monthly Sessions, full payment is required at booking to hold your scheduled time. Should something come up, one re-scheduling is allowed within 2 weeks of the scheduled shoot.

*All editing time, licensing, and rights for all final edited images included. Price is for businesses within 15 miles of the Twin Cities.

Q: How will my images be given to me after the shoot and what is the time frame for final edited images?

A: I commit to getting images back to clients within 1-2 weeks of the shoot. Should you need specific images sooner, I am always open to discussing a timeline that works for you. I send all final edited images in high resolution and social media ready formats via Google Drive.

Q: What should we photograph?

A: The shoot is completely up to you. Food and cocktails are great to have captured, but I also recommend going beyond your offerings: the space, ambiance, and process of what you make is also crucial for brand purposes. Customers want to see how you create, and what they can expect once they walk into your space. If you need assistance, please click my Shot List Checklist above for inspiration

Q: Do you have a studio?

A: No. I do not have a physical studio. I believe showcasing the authenticity of your offerings and business is the best way to give customers a window into your business and brand. With that being said, I do use flash in many instances to express food, cocktails, or process the best way I can. I also can do headshots on-site as well, using the business as the backdrop.

Q: What style of photography does The Culinary Portfolio fall under?

A: My favorite type of photography is editorial/lifestyle photography, which is done on-site at the businesses or publications I work for. My background photographing nature and wildlife gives me the ability to adapt to environments and lighting quickly. Working with your team, we can look for places that work best for each subject.

Q: Where do you work?

A: I can (and love to) travel far and wide. If you fall 15 miles outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul, there will be additional fees for travel which we can discuss based on your location.

Q: How many subjects do you like to photograph in an hour?

A: I like to take 10-15 minutes per subject in order to ensure I am taking enough time to capture all elements of the dish/cocktail/space/person in a way that will lead to multiple images for content purposes. With that, 4-6 subjects/hour is within the scope of what I am most comfortable with. My Monthly Sessions are the most valuable from a content perspective, since they produce 30-40+ different beautiful images that can be used for content purposes.

Q: Do you require a contract or commitment?

A: No, I do not have any LONG TERM contracts or commitment. I know we are all on our own journeys, and needs are specific to each client. I do require payment being made up front to hold my time. Consistent customers will be given precedent moving forward for booking sessions.