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The Ultimate Shore Lunch by John Yuccas

Over the past weekend, I had a couple of friends getting married at the bride's family's resort in Ontario near where I grew up fishing as an adolescent. This opened the door to a one day fishing adventure that I could share with my fiancée, Ananta - who had never caught a walleye in her life - in what I describe as "postcard country" on Lake of the Woods. More than anything though, I was looking forward to reconnecting with my old friend and guide, Ellery Horsman. He always exceeds expectations: the catch, the laughs and stories, and the incredible food he prepares on the shore.

I hope this post showcases some of the facets that are often hard to transcribe to someone who has never had the opportunity to travel north of the border for such an experience. The fish we caught that morning included perch, smallmouth bass, and of course, walleye. All delicious and fresh. 

A few nuances regarding this shore lunch to note:

- Ellery used butter instead of traditional lard to fry the fish this afternoon. I have to say, the butter really made for a delicious alternative! 

- The "O Canada Flambée" is a dessert invented by Ellery; and to be clear, dessert is NOT typically an addition most guides include (especially with ice cream!). He named it as such because it includes ingredients by all of the founding cultures of Canada. Maple Syrup and blueberries from the Indigenous communities in Canada, Grand Marnier from the French, and ice cream from the British. Also included: butter, nutmeg, lemon juice, and orange juice. The ice cream portions were also quite large because we were splitting a brick between three adults as the rest wouldn't have made it back to shore.

With that, please enjoy the images below that showcase an experience like no other.

To learn more from Ellery, or simply connect, find him here on LinkedIn:

Thanks again Ellery for an incredible day!

The 2018 Lake Street Dumpling Tour! by John Yuccas

This past Saturday was the 2018 Lake Street Dumpling Tour that took place at over 14 locations up and down Lake Street in Minneapolis. The diversity of vendors and offerings were incredible. I didn't get to every location, but the ones I was able to get to were buzzing with participants excited to try the next momo, samosa, sambusa, empanada, tiropita, gyoza, or dumpling! The weather wasn't the most cooperative, but no one seemed to mind! If I learned one thing in preparation for the next festival I attend, it will be to skip breakfast.



Special thanks to the Lake Street Council for bringing me on board to capture the event and for organizing it in the first place. Lucky for you, you don't have to wait for the next Lake Street Dumpling tour to visit the participants who make great food weekly!

Halwo Kismayo 
Gandhi Mahal 
Panaderia San Miguel 
Safari Express 
Akshay Paatram 
Lago Tacos 
It's Greek To Me 
El Nuevo Rodeo 
Himalayan Momo
Pham's Deli 
Midoris Floating World 
Urban Forage Winery