About TCP

The Culinary Portfolio was born out of a passion surrounding photography, experiences, great food, and a desire to capture it. John Yuccas began photographing nature at the age of 15, which led to adventures, gallery shows, and a deep understanding of photography as a medium.

While looking for inspiration in photography over the last couple of years, John grew an understanding and a deeper connection to the culinary world. An appreciation for strategically sourced ingredients, mindful aesthetics, unique experiences, and plated execution drove him to begin TCP. At the same time he has worked in the medical device, hospitality, and software industries over the past 10 years. This background has given him a deep understanding of proficiencies in business, marketing, and brand.

Based out of Minneapolis, MN, John feels incredibly lucky to live in what is an undisputed culinary powerhouse city. With that being said, he is more than willing to get on a plane to go just about anywhere. 

Owner/Photographer:  John Yuccas    Photo by Ben Bashinski

Owner/Photographer: John Yuccas Photo by Ben Bashinski